Get totally exhausted at J&M!

J&M has a complete line of Exhaust products available from Magnaflow, Flowmaster, Walker-Dynomax-Thrush, Aero Turbine, Diamond Eye, MBRP, and AP Exhaust, just to name a few . With many other lines of products available allowing us to fit any budget.   Call for a price on any exhaust repair, replacement, or custom system.

Services we offer:

Aluminized custom bent pipe

Stainless custom bent pipe

Turbo back exhaust systems

Cat back exhaust systems

Dual exhaust systems

High flow catalytic converters

Services we offer:

Performance mufflers

Stock catalytic converters

Stock exhaust manifolds

Stock type mufflers

H & X pipes aluminized or stainless

Flex pipe replacement

Emmission components

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Services we offer:

Exhaust hanger repair

Exhaust leak & rattle repair​

Exhaust system gaskets replaced

Exhaust tips installed

we also offer metal welding and fabrication services